About Lonely Beach Resort

Surrounded by forest

Lonely Beach Resort is situated on a bay in the very north of Koh Rong Island and completely surrounded by forest.

The well secluded bungalows are lavishly spread over the entire area, between jungle and ocean.


Eco-friendly and peaceful

We try our best to minimize the impact of our presence on this beautiful place and keep it as natural and unchanged as possible. The bungalows are solar-powered and you have light available 24/7. All electronic devices can be charged during day time in our restaurant. There is no Wi-Fi so bring a good book and have a swing on the beach on our palm tree swing.


Full of nature and wildlife

Close to the resort, a little river's estuary is pouring into the sea. We have 1 km of white sand, pristine and lonely beach. There are hornbills, osprey, eagles, lizards, huge butterflies, some of astounding size and incredibly colored.

After perfect sunsets comes the magic of a tropical night - the sounds of the forest, fireflies, a bright moon and countless stars and distant lightnings illuminate the bay. The sea is full of fluorescent plankton guaranteeing a magical swimming experience.


Hike to a nearby local village

If you are up for some more activity during the day, Prek Svay, a local fishing village, is a walk of 45 minutes. The trek leads through jungle forest and rural landscapes with cashew and mango trees.


Other activities

Other possibilities are fishing, taking a snorkel trip with us to Coral Island, or swimming and snorkelling in the bay. And of course there's always our beautiful beach where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.


Lonely Beach Restaurant & Bar


Western & Khmer menu

We serve a comprehensive Western and Khmer menu and aim to cover all preferences and appetites. Vegetarian and vegan options are available. Watch the sunset from our beach bar or have a drink there during a bonfire. 



Homestay for Low Season

In order to be able to keep proposing our guests fresh and tasty food even during the rainy season (and difficulties to get supplies that come with it), would you kindly note that from may the 15th until october the 31st, we propose, as a homestay would do, 3 meals a day with 2 choices for each meal (vegetarian or not) for $15 per person a day.

Of course all our dishes stay on the same standard of quality and tasteness as our regular menu.
Out of this price you can also order extra drinks and extra Snacks.