Welcome to Lonely Beach


Lonely Beach is your unique opportunity to experience true beach life.


We're situated in a remote bay in the North of Koh Rong, miles away from the party beach in the South.


It is so remote, that you can only reach us by the Lonely Beach boat.



On Lonely Beach you'll find:


Unspoilt nature.
Peace and quiet.
A long, white sandy beach, all to yourself.
Palm trees and crystal clear water.
Beautiful sunsets.
Stunning night skies full of stars.
A sea sparkling at night with fluorescent plankton.

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And there's more:


You’ll find yourself relaxing in hammocks on the beach, in our cosy restaurant, or on the porch of your bungalow. Here you can unwind from noisy and busy city life.


Feel like more action? Go snorkelling and check out the neighbouring reef. Walk through the jungle to a local village. Swim at night in a sea full of stars with fluorescent plankton.


Enjoy pure nature


At Lonely Beach we aim to minimize the impact of our presence on this beautiful place. Our mission: keep it as natural and unchanged as possible. Therefore we offer basic, eco-friendly accommodation and all electricity generated by solar power. Read more about what that means.


Tune in to island life and you’ll have a magical time at Lonely Beach!